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A Concentration Like

No Other

Ultra-High Platelet Counts

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The XCELL PRP Advantage

FLEXIBILITY - Ability to obtain different volumes, different types of PRP (LR vs LP) and utilize PRP for A2M

VOLUME - Draws 50-60 mL producing a 6+ mL of highly concentrated PRP

EASY TO USE - Fast and simple for staff to duplicate

RESULTS - Provides consistent and reliable results

PRICE - High quality system that provides superior value for the price

COMPLIANCE - Has a class II 510k approval 

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Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers with the latest regenerative medicine equipment and supplies to keep them at the cutting edge of one of the most exciting and promising areas of modern medicine.  


Our inventory of equipment and supplies includes FDA-registered Class II PRP kits. RegenVET XCELL PRP kits are exceptional in their ability to maximize platelet count through a unique design that reduces total processing time and mitigates the risk of human error. Our system can produce both leukocyte-rich and leukocyte-poor PRP utilizing a variety of centrifuge systems, including some Drucker & Eppendorf models.


Why is this important? Because a 2012 review of platelet-rich plasma preparations showed a lack of consistency among clinicians. Review author Dr. Rachita Dhurat found that the many PRP systems now on the market “differ widely in their ability to collect and concentrate platelets depending on the method and time of its centrifugation.” He went on to conclude that “each laboratory must standardize its protocol.”

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