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Training &


RegenVET values its clients and provides them the training and tools needed for successful practice integration. Our training process includes online training videos and on-site training to improve our clients’ practices and enhance the lives of the patients they treat. We also have tenured veterinarians available to answer your clinical questions.

  • Online Training Videos

  • On-site Staff Training

  • Product Processing Guides

  • Expert Veterinary Clinical Support

  • Injection Technique Resources

  • Access to Research Articles & Clinical Studies

Marketing Support


RegenVET customers have access to a variety of complimentary digital and print marketing resources to help them educate their customers and build their regenerative medicine practice. Clients of RegenVET benefit from our team of business and marketing experts.

  • Direct Mail Templates

  • Website Copy Examples

  • Personalized Customer Posters

  • Personalized Customer Brochures

  • Digital Resources & Campaigns

  • PRP, Stem Cell, & Protein Concentrate Customer Leaflets

Practice Profitability


The right pricing strategy will provide you with strong revenue potential for your practice and give valuable access to regenerative therapy to your customers at a firm price. Your integration process will include guidance on setting up pricing that works for you and your customers.

This chart represents average pricing from various veterinarian practices around the United States. Actual pricing is variable depending on region and demographic.

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