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Could Stem Cell Therapy Replace Hip Replacements?

As doctors prepare to take one of our PRP or stem cell therapy training courses, they are typically thinking about expanding their practices and increasing revenues. When we fulfill orders for equipment and supplies related to such therapies, we are thinking of the short-term goal of helping doctors offer their patients the best treatments they can. Yet even in the midst of these short-term goals, there are some long-term goals always in the back of the mind. One eventual goal is for PRP and stem cell therapies to replace more invasive procedures, like hip replacements for example.

For decades, medical science has been looking at the use of stem cells for encouraging natural tissue regeneration. An area of much curiosity is orthopedics. If we can use a patient’s own stem cells to regrow lost or damaged cartilage, for example, imagine the implications for treating things such as osteoarthritis. It would be equally helpful for sports injuries as well. The question on a lot of minds is, how far can we really go with stem cell therapy?

It might be possible, based on recent research, to eventually start recommending stem cell therapy over hip replacement. Last year, Live Science reported on research that successfully encouraged stem cells to grow on an artificial scaffold designed to mimic a human hip joint. Researchers also managed to incorporate gene therapy with the stem cell growth to produce a treatment that would reduce the likelihood of arthritis returning to the treated joint.

Treatments We’re Already Using

It would be incredibly exciting to see a new therapy in the near future that would make hip replacement obsolete. While medical science works on that miracle, Apex Biologix and the doctors we train are already using both PRP and stem cell therapies for wound care, orthopedic, and cosmetic applications.

The principles behind both treatments are very similar. In some cases, PRP and stem cells are combined in a single treatment. The best part is that the necessary material is derived directly from patients themselves, so there is very little risk of rejection or complication.

Doctors extract blood from which they derive the PRP, and either bone marrow or fat tissue from which they can concentrate stem cells. Processed material is injected directly into the treatment site according to the type of injury or condition being treated. It is all rather basic in principle.

Apex Biologix Has Everything You Need

As a doctor or head of a local clinic, you might be considering adding PRP and stem cell therapies to your current offerings. Apex Biologix is here to help. In addition to PRP and stem cell training, we also sell the equipment and supplies clinics need. We offer the state-of-the-art centrifuge system along with kits for both PRP and stem cell extraction and processing, amniotic tissue, and more.

We believe our PRP in stem cell system is the best in the business. Our PRP system, for example, is a closed tabletop system that completes processing in just over 8 minutes. At the end of processing, the doctor is left with a highly-concentrated platelet and growth factor injectate with a baseline concentration of up to 16 times.

For more information about our training courses or our equipment and supplies, please get in touch with us today. Apex Biologix has everything you need to start offering PRP and stem cell therapies in your own practice.

Will PRP and stem cell therapies ever replace hip replacement surgery? We hope so. In the meantime, we will help doctors learn how to utilize treatments we already have available.


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