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APEX Biologix Now Accepting Online Orders

Did you know you can now place orders online?

Placing orders is simple and straightforward. Simply go to the homepage of and visit the page APEX PRODUCTS.

It is easy to scan through our various products and then go to the order form where we will collect specifics of your order.


The order form takes you through your basic clinic information and then asks for your order. Easy to use drop-downs allow you to quickly select your specific products and insert quantities.


Don’t forget to include special instructions including:

  1. procedure date (for amnio tissue only)

  2. procedure time (for amnio tissue only)

  3. necessary arrival time


Finally, fill out your shipping information and shipping preferences followed by your payment information.
Once your order has been submitted you will receive a call from APEX Biologix to securely obtain your payment details. Orders will only be placed during business hours which are:
M-Th: 9am – 4:30pm (MST)
Friday: 9am – 1:30pm (MST)

* Next day delivery requests must be submitted before 12:30PM (MST) for PRP and BMC Kits, and 3:00PM (MST) for amniotic tissue.

An email confirmation and payment receipt will be sent to the main contact once the order is placed. Start ordering online today. For further questions about our ordering process give us a call 844-897-4910.

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