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Adult Stem Cell Training

Stem cell therapy is trailblazing the world of pain medicine. Patients of adult stem cell therapy procedures are making

Adult Stem Cell Training

Apex Biologix provides adult stem cell therapy training that is unique amongst others like it. At an adult stem cell therapy course, you’ll find training sessions that are taught by some of the most experienced regenerative medicine doctors. Most, if not all courses have the following:

• Live patient cases – Ultrasound guided regenerative therapy injections – Fluoroscopy guided regenerative therapy injections

• A cadaver lab

• Platelet rich plasma and adult stem cell therapy procedural practice

With our experienced physicians and instructors, doctors leave feeling comfortable providing adult stem cell therapy services to patients. For cases you may want assistance with, instructors are available to travel to your medical clinic to offer guidance and extensive training.

At Apex Biologix, we know the importance of your business and strive to help you become successful. Physicians have questions about providing adult stem cell injections because it is a cash-pay service. Fortunately, within our course, we get down to business and help you understand how to make stem cell and PRP therapy a profitable revenue stream. Another concern doctors have about providing a new service is trying to find patients who are interested in it. At Apex Biologix we offer marketing services that include consulting, search engine optimization (SEO), print designs, landing pages for your existing website and other services. We can become your one-stop-shop for regenerative medicine and your partner in making regenerative therapy thrive in your business. Check out our website at for more information.

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